$50 "Vehicle Showcase Session" refers to session and 90 minute photoshoot only. Prints, digital negatives, and other products are not included in $50 session. $50 Vehicle Showcase Session is good for upto 2 people and 2 vehicles per session. Additional people, pets, groups, or vehicles will require an additional charge and approval by Shawn Morrissey Photography. This promotion is valid until Oct 31st, 2016. Any damage caused to vehicles, either during the photoshoot, or while vehicle/s are being transported to (or from) photoshoot locations is NOT the responsibilty of Shawn Morrissey Photography unless said damage is directly caused by Shawn Morrissey Photography. Shawn Morrissey Photography is not responsible for random acts of God, accidents caused by the vehicle's owner, or by other random people. It is the owner's resonsibility to safely transport vehicle/s to and from locations. 

A 10% discount will be given to any purchase of prints or packages from the vehicle showcase session. The 10% discount is only valid for 2 weeks from the session date. After 2 weeks, any prints and/or packages purchased will be full price with no discounts. 


Shawn Morrissey Photography refers to Shawn Morrissey Photography. LLC. 

All images taken by Shawn Morrissey Photography are the property of Shawn Morrissey Photography and are copyrighted by Shawn Morrissey Photography.