Lake Region State College

Teaching My Very First Photography Class

Art 280 Photography I Class

Art 280 Photography I Class

There have been a lot of "FIRSTS" for me in 2016! In late 2015, I was approached for a teaching position for the spring semester at Lake Region State College. I had never taught a class before but it's something I've always wanted to do. Though it was frightening to think about and I felt VERY insecure, I didn't let those negative thoughts sway me from accepting this great opportunity.

Luckily (for me), the class size was very small and I felt that if I could just plow through the nervousness and make it to the end of the first would be a breeze from there!

Man...was I wrong! I struggled to find my way most of the first half of the semester. Once Spring Break came I reevaluated  my teaching strategy and made some changes and from then on, things seemed to go A LOT smoother. The students responded better and I felt that I had worked through my "learning curve" and got into a nice stride! 

Now that this semester is over, I can only hope that the students walked away knowing that there is more to photography than just an i-phone and Instagram! Teaching is a very difficult job in today's ADD/ADHD society. I definitely have a new-found respect for those in the education field! 

If just one student walked away feeling inspired and wanting to learn more about photography, I will feel I've done my job. If not...I can only hope to have another chance, make some changes, and try harder to reach that one student next time. After all, if I were amazing at everything the first time I did would be pretty boring, predictable, and I would never know what determination and hard work were!  

Here's to trying new things, continuously improving, and not letting your fears and insecurities keep you from taking new paths in life!